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Our Audits Are More
Thorough Than The IRS’s

Every Level 10 Website Audit takes hours to perform, so we can provide you with ALL the information you need to make a decision about your site. Here are the individual elements of the findability and conversionability sections of the audit…

Findability Audit

Technical SEO: This step involves checking site speed, website security (SSL certificate), URL structure, and navigation structure.

Local SEO: A findable website needs pages dedicated to your service areas. We see if your service-areas section includes unique content, details about your individual services, reviews from customers in specific locations, and more.

Keyword Ranking: We do a deep dive into your keyword rankings for both your physical location and your services areas.

Meta: This is an analysis of your meta titles and descriptions to see if they are A) present, B) optimized, and C) the proper length.

Content Optimization & Structure: Properly structured content uses H1-H4 headers in proper order, includes optimal keywords, has a strong call to action, contains optimized images, and much more.

Diggable Content: Since "time on page/site" is such an important metric to Google, your website should have a large quantity of interesting and relevant content that actual humans will want to read. The content’s placement on your site should also be easy to spot, even when people aren’t looking for it.

Off-Page Signals: Your business listing must be consistent across the web. We check your social media setup and optimization to see if your information is uniform among websites like Facebook, Google Business, and YouTube.

Negatives: We subtract points for things that can negatively impact your findability, including keyword stuffing, missing coda scheme, confusing website structure, and lack of mobile friendliness.

Conversionability Audit

Identity: We check to see if your website instantly and definitively communicates who you are with power, precision, and passion. Your Identity should be obvious on every single page.

Diggability: Your website should contain an abundance of Identity-supporting, highly engaging content in the form of blog posts, videos, case studies, and more. Diggable content should be placed on the site in a way that is findable from every page, and blog pages should position additional diggable content in an obvious, impossible-to-miss way.

Social Proof, Evidence & Reputation: Your website MUST have plenty of social proof, including easy-to-find customer reviews, customer references, project photos, and endorsements. Claims about product superiority should be supported with articles, infographics, and videos.

Engagement: This section determines how professional, attractive, and easy to navigate your website is. The better these elements, the longer your website visitors will stay engaged.

Negatives: We mark your website down for conversion-hindering elements like overuse of engagement tools, too much reliance on discounts/specials, slow loading times, keyword stuffing, and poor mobile friendliness.