How To Squeeze 20% More Sales Out Of Your Existing Leads

Level 10 Contractor Webinar


Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (12 Central, 11 Mountain, 10 Pacific)


Everybody always wants MORE LEADS.


But what if you could get more “bang for your buck” from the leads you’re already getting. Squeeze them and wring them for every last drop?

Let’s say you’re getting 300 leads a month now, and closing 30% of them—that’s 90 sales. Good job!

Now let’s say you apply what you learn on this webinar… and you get 20% more sales. That’s 18 extra sales—for a total of 108.

From the exact same leads!!

At an average job of $15k, that’s $270k more per month = $3.2M a year.

What if it was only HALF that? Still worth your time to attend this webinar.

On this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Make your prospects explicitly want to do business with YOU (instead of just asking Google)
  • Use technology and scripting to set more appointments from incoming leads.
  • Price condition your prospects before you ever set foot in their home.
  • Use AI to increase your sales rep’s closing ratios by as much as 25%. For real.
  • Implement a REHASH program that actually works—consistently, automatically, and effortlessly.

The sad fact is you are leaving money on the table right now… and chasing more new leads to compensate. Attend this webinar to LEVEL UP and get more BANG for your lead BUCK.

Presented By:

Rich Harshaw is the founder and CEO of Level 10 Contractor, the remodeling industry’s premier marketing agency.