Why Brand Building
Should Be Your
#1 Marketing Priority
For 2023

Level 10 Contractor Webinar


Tuesday, October 25: 12 pm ET (11 am CT; 10 am MT; 9 am PT)




In this ground-breaking webinar, Level 10 Contractor CEO Rich Harshaw is going to show you how to build a powerful brand for your remodeling or home services company starting right now... no matter how big or small you are... no matter how long you’ve been in business... and no matter what your marketing program looks like at the moment.

First, he’ll cover the WHY of brand building. You’ll sell for higher prices and margins; you’ll raise your conversion ratios; you’ll greatly reduce "competitive leads;" you’ll become one of the biggest players in your market. And if you ever sell your business, you’ll have buyers clamoring to pay you a premium price.

Next, he’ll overcome objections to branding, like "it’s too expensive" and "I’m too small" and "others have beat me to it."

Finally, he’ll show you how to actually do it, with practical, hands-on, step-by-step tactical action items. Rich will cover how to determine what your brand should be, how to budget to build it, and how to make media (TV, radio, social) work—even though you may have failed with them in the past. He’ll tell you what to expect when you start, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Want examples and case studies? Rich will show them to you—in detail.

All of this in just 60 minutes. Please register now!