UBuildIt Facebook Advertising Program

Program Overview

Level 10 Contractor is a marketing agency that has worked with UBuildIt since 2008 to develop various marketing and advertising programs. Many of the materials currently being used were developed by the agency over the years, including the Free Information Report.

In 2018, Bob Braudrick hired Level 10 Contractor to take over the advertising for the Oklahoma City franchise. Over the course of the next 18 months, multiple lead generation methods were tested and perfected, including TV, radio, YouTube, Facebook and others. Overwhelmingly, Facebook proved to be the most cost effective method… to the extend that 100% of OKC budget has been spent on Facebook since early 2020.

In late 2020, Level 10 started offering Facebook advertising management to other franchises, including locations in Michigan, Houston, and Fort Worth. The results were extremely positive, and more locations have signed up for the service since 2021.

How The Program Works

Micro Site

We place ads on Facebook in the geographic area that you specify; interested people will click on the ad and be taken to a “micro-site” that is designed to educate prospects about your services, and then give them an opportunity to request a FREE Information Kit.

Lead Notifications

When a person fills out the form on the “Request Info Kit” page, you will immediately receive a notification via email alerting you that you have a new lead. The form is also connected to Planning Starts, so the lead will automatically be logged there. In addition, all leads are logged in a spreadsheet that you will have access to, as a backup.

Text Follow-Ups

We utilize a 3rd Party software called Hatch (www.useHatchApp.com) to automatically follow up with your leads. You can see an example of the messages that are sent out, and the intervals at which they are sent, here:

Please note that you should still attempt to make phone contact with your leads; Hatch Text Messaging will definitely help make the process easier… but should not be the ONLY follow up you do.



Level 10 charges a one-time setup fee of $1,500 to create your Squeeze Site, set up your Facebook advertising account, and create the ads and campaigns.

Monthly Management

Level 10 charges $1,500 or 15% of your monthly spend (whichever is greater) per month to manage your account.

Facebook Spend

We recommend a starting budget of $50 per day (about $1,500 a month) for actual ad spend on Facebook. This budget can change over time if you want more or fewer leads.

Text Messaging

We have negotiated a special rate of $250 per month for the Hatch Text Messaging Services. We will put you in touch with Hatch when your services begin.

Payment Terms

The Setup fee is due when you start. You will then be invoiced twice per month, on the 10th and 25th of the month for HALF of the monthly management fee, and half of the monthly Ad spend. Payments will be run on the 1st and 15th of the month. We only accept ACH payments; sorry, no credit cards. Payments to Hatch are direct and can be paid via credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to get things set up once I decide to move forward?

A: We need about two weeks to get your micro-site built and account setup.

Q: What kind of cost per lead can I expect?

A: We are seeing lead costs of $10 to $40 (Facebook Spend only; excluding L10 management fees) for most UBI locations, with most being in the $10 to $25 range.

Q: How many leads per month is that?

A: If your Ad Spend is $1,500 ($50 per day), you should expect between 75 and 150 leads per month.

Q: What would make the lead cost higher?

A: We have found that the smaller the geographic target area, the more expensive the leads are.

Q: Is there a contract or commitment?

A: No, you can quit (or pause) any time. Note that Hatch requires a 1-year agreement.

Q: What if I want to raise or lower my monthly Ad Spend?

A: Just contact us anytime and we can discuss any adjustments.

Q: How many UBI locations are using this program?

A: As of January, 2022, there are eight offices using this program.

Q: Explain the billing again.

A: You will be billed twice per month, on the 10th and the 25th. We will automatically run your ACH for those invoices on the 15th and 1st of the month, respectively. Each charge will be for HALF of the monthly management fee, and HALF of the Ad Spend. For locations spending $1,500 a month Ad Spend, you can expect a two invoices per month for $1,500 each ($750 management fee + $750 Ad Spend).

Q: Can we use Facebook’s demographic profiling to narrow our target market?

A: Unfortunately, no. Facebook considers UBuildIt to be a home builder, and is therefore subject to Fair Housing rules… which do not allow us to target by age, income, gender, race, interests, etc. Ads will only be served to adults who are over 18.