Like Nothing You’ve Ever
Seen, Heard, or Experienced.

Unlocking Leads. Unlocking Minds. Unlocking Passion.

Engaging. Empowering. Energizing.

Looking for the perfect way to energize your crowd? Give them the industry’s foremost speaker, author, and expert on the topics of lead generation, marketing, and winning through excellence.

Perfect for keynotes, breakout sessions, or longer sessions, Rich Harshaw and Level 10 will show your audience WHY your group’s marketing is falling short, WHAT great marketing looks like, and HOW to go about fixing it.

Choose from any of the formats below, or work with us to customize exactly the right content for your group. If your audience is ready to make the jump to the next level, they’re going to LOVE what they hear.

1Keynote Speech

Forget about “come away with just one good idea” keynotes—Rich challenges everything you think you know about marketing. He starts by showing why most marketing doesn’t work as well as it should, then introduces the solution: Creating a unique and powerful Identity for your company. Participants will be surprised how many new concepts are rolled out in just one hour—but Rich’s engaging style, memorable stories, and real-world experience make absorbing new concepts fun and easy.

Everyone will leave the meeting with a better understanding of what makes people respond to marketing and the “dos and don’ts” of good marketing. Get ready for your evaluations to go through the roof!

To really enthuse your crowd—and give you positive feedback—we can make copies of Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow available at cost (about $6 each) to give to each of your attendees.

Delivered Keynote Speech To Rousing Applause

“Rich delivered the keynote speech at our annual Top 500 awards banquet in Chicago to rousing applause and outstanding reviews.

—Patrick O’Toole, Qualified Remodeler Magazine

All Keynotes Can Be Adapted Into Webinars

Program Length: 45 to 90 minutes.

Keynote Speech Topics

Keynote Speech presentations can be tailored to your group’s needs, while focusing on various aspects of the Level 10 message. Topics can include one or more of the following:

Make The Jump To $10MM

How to develop the “$10MM Mindset” that allows owners of any size remodeling or home services company “level up” and blow past their competition, even while commanding much higher prices. Topics include Mindset, Identity, Online Marketing, and Media Advertising.


How to instantly and definitively communicate your company’s unique advantages with power, precision, and passion.


Think your website is doing a great job? You won’t after this presentation! Rich will show contractors how to increase their website’s “findability” and “conversionability” by 3 to 10 times by integrating a powerful identity, beefing up social proof & evidence, and writing content that’s loaded with power, precision, and passion.


Most SEO sucks and doesn’t work. Even SEO that does work is focused almost exclusively on “tricking” Google to rank your site as high as possible. Then there is LEVEL 10 SEO. It’s based on creating tons of powerful content that HUMANS actually want to read, which makes people stay on the page longer, which makes Google rank you higher. It’s so simple, and yet practically nobody is doing it… which means a major competitive advantage for those who adopt it.


You can say that “TV and Radio don’t work” all you want… meanwhile, the biggest companies in the industry are all getting bigger by exploiting TV and radio to their advantage. You don’t need a gazillion dollars to get started—you just need the right mindset... and a plan that you consistently run to get you there. Learn exactly how to do it in this session. Cowards need not attend.


If you want to add a motivation session to your conference, then look no further. This session is a no-holds-barred look into the challenging life of the entrepreneur—with all its blood, bruises, and busted teeth. You won’t find any “rah rah” or “hyped up clichés’ in this session… but you will find hope in difficulty, triumph in trials, and the faith to keep going no matter what.


If you think social media marketing doesn’t apply to remodeling and home services, you’re insane. Social media is nothing more than “pipes” to deliver content to your prospects—no different than canvassing and telemarketing in the old days… and events and advertising now. Think about it—how many hours a day are your prospects staring at their phone? That’s where their attention is… and that’s where you need to be. The major advantage is that Facebook (and YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) allow for way more detailed targeting, which makes them that much more effective. The key, then, is to create an outstanding CONTENT strategy. Simply slapping your current TV or print ad on Facebook isn’t going to work. In this session, we’ll show you exactly what WILL work.

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2Half-Day Seminar

Get ready to reevaluate your entire marketing approach—and maybe your entire business! First, Rich will go through each concept of IDENTITY in detail, then cover internet marketing like you’ve never seen it covered before. He’ll show you why the internet is killing traditional advertising results, how to get found on the internet, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to turn web browsers into BUYERS.

This is not your typical BS talk on internet marketing. It’s real advice from a real expert, delivered in a way everyone can understand.

Program Length: 3 to 4 hours.

Materials Included:
PowerPoint presentation that can be converted into handouts.

3Full-Day Seminar

Strap in and get ready to be wowed by this high-energy, standards-shattering program. Rich will cover the topics of Identity and internet marketing, but with more detail, examples, and “how to” exercises. This longer format also allows for detailed instructions on how to dominate on radio, TV, and social media advertising.

Program Length: 8 hours.

Materials Included:
PowerPoint presentation that can be converted into handouts.

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4Two-Day Intensive Training Workshop

This program is not for the casual listener—it’s for the hardest of the hardcore contractors committed to squeezing every last drop out of their marketing and lead-gen efforts. Topics can be customized to your group, but generally speaking, all the topics in the Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow book will be covered.

Program Length: 12-16 hours.

Materials Included: PowerPoint presentation that can be converted into handouts.

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