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Turn Up Your Social Media To Level 10!
10 Engaging Posts A Day.
300 Posts A Month.

It’s Time To Stop Messing Around With Social Media—
Let Us Handle Everything For You.

Generate More Followers. Generate More Leads.

Nearly all contractors have the same problem when it comes to social media: You have no time to mess with it, and even if you do… you have NO IDEA what to post!

Level 10 Contractor is ready to solve this problem for you with our Social Media Posting Service.

We’ll create and post 10 pieces of content PER DAY to your Facebook page, including 7 pieces of “General Engagement” content, and 3 pieces of “Branded Content.” That’s 300 pieces of fresh, interesting, relevant content PER MONTH.

Our unique “ENGAGEMENT FIRST” approach delivers fun, interesting, inspiring, and engaging content to your audience… which makes them more eager and willing to view and engage with your branded content. Other social media services focus strictly on branded content, which tends to wear out your audience… which leads to less engagement… which makes Facebook’s algorithm stop showing your content to your followers.

We offer two levels of service:

Level 5: General Engagement Only: 7 pieces of General Engagement Content per day… 7 days a week, 365 days per year… posted to Facebook and Instagram. This includes memes and videos that are created and curated to engage your audience and make them WANT to see what you’re posting. General Engagement content ranges from funny to inspiring… and everything in between. Level 5 Social Media: $2,200 per month.

Level 10: General Engagement PLUS Branded Content: We’ll post 3 pieces of Branded Content per day… in addition to the 7 pieces of General Engagement Content. Branded Content includes things like customer reviews, jobsite photos, customer photos, links to blogs and case studies on your site, and more. Level 10 Social Media: $3,900 per month.

In addition to these two levels of service, we also offer a plan for adding Facebook followers using our proprietary Sweepstakes program… as well as a Brand Ambassador Program that will help you gather the raw content for your Branded Content.

Why Level 10’s Social Media Posting Service Is Different

“Engagement First” Approach

We post 7 pieces of “General Engagement” content per day to keep your audience smiling and entertained… and 3 pieces of Branded Content to show off your abilities and identity.

300 Pieces of Content A Month

The sheer quantity of content makes Facebook’s algorithm more likely to actually show your content to your followers… and when they engage with it, Facebook will show them even more.


Our designers and video editors make everything look awesome! Your followers will know that you are a professional company—at a glance!

Unfailing Consistency

10 posts a day means 10 posts a day. Consistency is the key, and we deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can post 100 times a day, but if people are not engaging with your content, Facebook’s algorithm will not show it to your followers. Most social media posting companies only post “branded content,” which are posts that directly relate to your company. The problem is that most people are simply not all that interested in a window company (or kitchen or painting or HVAC, etc.)… and will therefore quickly grow tired of your posts… and then Facebook’s algorithm won’t show your followers ANYTHING. We solve this problem by posting 70% General Engagement Content, which are humorous, inspiring, and fun memes and videos that people WANT to engage with. This then makes them more willing to view and engage with the 3 posts a day that ARE about your business. We are strategically winning by running the right ratio of quantity and quality content.

Facebook is the platform that is most commonly used for your juiciest target market (adults 40 to 65 years old). Since Facebook owns Instagram, we can easily (at no extra charge) cross-post to that platform if you want. We do not currently post to other platforms.

We have a program to advertise on Facebook for a Sweepstakes that has proven successful at adding up to 1,000 new followers a month… with the added bonus of generating leads… which could potentially generate more than enough sales to pay for the entire program. Listen to this podcast for more information.

For General Engagement content, you don’t have to do anything—we handle it all. For Branded Content, you will be responsible for getting us the raw data to work with—online reviews, customer photos, jobsite photos, etc. If you participate in our Brand Ambassador Program, you will easily generate enough content to keep us going. Additionally, our Level 10 SEO clients will have enough blog posts, videos, and case studies to keep us busy.

Compared to what? For you to do what we are doing yourself, you would have to hire a full-time person, and it’s unlikely they would come up with the quantity and quality of posts that we do (we know, we’ve seen what plenty of contractors have done!). When combined with our Facebook Sweepstakes program, you can actually generate enough leads (and sales!) to more than pay for everything… while we handle it all for you.

Social Media posting is definitely a farming program; you have to till the soil, plant the seeds, and nurture the crops. It takes time. If you need something to generate leads right away, you should consider Facebook Advertising instead of Facebook posting. Contact us for details.

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