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We’ll Make You THE Dominant Radio & TV Presence
In Your Area, So You’re The Company
EVERYONE Thinks Of When They Need Remodeling.

Radio & TV Done RIGHT

Millions of TV and radio commercials play every year. Roughly 95% of them fail.

They’re either boring… or don’t hit the right hot buttons… or play at the wrong time… or play on stations where a company’s target market isn’t looking/listening. Or all of the above.

Make no mistake: Radio and TV contractor marketing is a science. And we’re the evil geniuses who have cracked the code on how to achieve unbridled success at it for our clients. Our turnkey radio and TV solutions can transform your remodeling company into THE most well-known, recognized, and trusted brand in your service area. When anyone in your town needs a remodel, you’ll be the first and only company they think of.

What We Can Do For You

Ad Creation

We specialize in powerful radio and TV copy that moves the needle and makes you stick out in a sea of boring, platitude-filled advertisements.

Media Buying

No one negotiates better deals that we do—period. We’ve bought over $100MM in radio and TV for our clients. We’ll get your ads in front of the right people at the right time with the right message.

Start To Finish Fulfillment

If recording a radio ad or producing a TV commercial isn’t your thing, you can RELAX. We can write, record, film, and fully produce your ads. You don’t have to lift a finger!

On-Location Filming

Our professional commercial-film crew can come to YOU to film your television commercials.

Integration With Your Web Presence

We ensure the message of your radio/TV campaign and internet marketing synch in perfect harmony to maximize brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying media is a specialty unto its own. It requires in-depth knowledge of frequency, CPM, CPP, share, cume, AQH, GIs, and more. If you don’t know what every single one of those terms means, you need us! We’ll secure you the best deals, time slots, and stations. Some companies mistakenly think they will “save” 15% by not paying an agency—they end up paying 2 to 3 times more than they should.

Yes, we do. We take a personalized approach to your media plan. We negotiate with individual reps (instead of regional or national ones), and squeeze them (in a nice way!) for every last penny. We also know the ins and outs of buying strategies specific to the remodeling industry.

If you’re not sure we can do a better job, let us take a look at your current media plan. We’ll give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help you or not.

Yes. Unfortunately, though your reps may be nice, they are probably aren’t giving you even remotely the best deal. We’ll come in as the “new sheriff in town” and get your rates down to where they should be.

We’ve written hundreds upon hundreds of radio and TV ads for contractors over the past 15 years—with incredible results. Our ads have helped companies from $2MM to $100MM escalate their leads and sales. Plus, if we buy your media, ad writing is included for FREE. (Production costs are extra).

Radio Samples

TV Samples