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Exclusive Leads.
A Guaranteed Cost Per Lead.
No Monthly Budget.

Welcome To The EASIEST Way To Add $1.5MM To $3MM In Sales A Year.

PPC For Contractors Who Hate PPC

For contractors, Pay Per Click (PPC) is about a touchy a subject as religion and politics. Countless contractors have been burned by PPC providers, so it’s completely understandable if you’d rather have a root canal than try PPC again.

But here’s the thing. When done right, PPC is the fastest and most surefire way to claim the top spot on Google and scoop up droves of hungry leads.

That’s where we come in.

No-Risk Pay Per Click is for the contractor who loathes “normal” PPC. When devising a PPC service, we threw out literally everything that contractors can’t stand about run-of-the-mill PPC: the huge budgets, the junk leads, the lack of transparency… EVERYTHING. Most importantly, we’ve eliminated all the risk on your end.

Bottom line: This isn’t your granddaddy’s PPC. This is PPC that gets RESULTS.

Why No-Risk PPC Is Radically Different

No Budgets

You don’t have to worry about pouring thousands of dollars a month into a PPC budget and coming up empty. You simply tell us how many leads you want, and we pony up the money on the front end to get them. We then settle up with you every two weeks for payment.

Guaranteed Cost Per Lead

We guarantee you a cost per lead between $200 and $300. If the cost per lead is more, we cover the overage on our own dime.

TRUE Leads

A copier-toner salesman isn’t a lead. Someone 142 miles outside your service area isn’t a lead. And we don’t pretend they are. The leads we get you are people actively seeking the services YOU provide in YOUR area of business. To make absolutely sure of it, you even review the leads before you pay for them.

Exclusive Leads

Since the leads you get with No-Risk PPC come directly from your website, they are YOURS and ONLY yours.

Zero Obligation

You’re not locked into a long-term contract. Quit any time you want to. (Though once you experience the results, you won’t want to.)

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re one of the only PPC providers who specialize in contractor internet marketing—it’s ALL we do. We have more experience with PPC marketing for contractors than any other company out there; we’d bet our bottom dollar on it. So when it comes to building your PPC campaign, we know exactly what it takes to drive hordes of leads to our clients’ doorsteps.

Yes! Our clients report that the closing ratios from their PPC leads are very similar to their other lead sources. And remember: You review and approve all leads before paying for them.

As many as are available in your market. Naturally, the bigger the market, the more leads will be available. We’ll provide you with an estimated number of leads to expect before we start.

Anyone who contacts you expressing interest in your service. We don’t count service calls, hang-ups, repeat callers, and telemarketing calls as leads; the person must be looking for the kind of project(s) you provide.

1.) You have to be able to handle at least 30 leads a month, both financially and capacity-wise. 2.) You must pay promptly. 3.) You have to be good about answering your phone when leads call (don’t worry—we can set you up with a reliable answering service if your phone game isn’t up to snuff). If you meet these three simple criteria, let’s talk.