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Unique, Compelling Contractor SEO Content

That Captivates Your Readers AND Gratifies Google

Written By In-House Copywriters Who Specialize In The
Remodeling Industry & Take The Time To Learn
About Your Unique Business Situation

SEO mastery isn’t just about behind-the-scenes technical nerd coding. The jelly to the technical side of SEO’s peanut butter is consistent, engaging CONTENT.

Make no mistake: You can fastidiously weed your garden. You can collect 88 trillion glowing online reviews. You can fastidiously optimize, curate, and develop your keyword list.

But if you aren’t constantly adding awesome content to your website?

Google will look at your website like an abandoned house… and take a wrecking ball to your rankings.

When it comes to content, we follow the Rule of FOE: Fresh, Original, and Engaging.

Fresh: The more hot-off-the-presses content you can produce, the better. We constantly add fresh content to your website to keep your website in front of Google’s face.

Original: 99% of contractor blog posts retread the same tired old topics. And even worse—some directly lift content from others! We deliver distinctive content that sets you apart.  

Engaging: Google has a love affair with content that keeps people on your website as long as possible. We craft content that has your site visitors eating up every word.

How We Create SEO Content Like No Other Contractor-Marketing Company

In-House Copywriters

We don’t use Indian/offshore contractors. And we don’t go fishing on Upwork for inexperienced $5 freelancers. The same professional copywriter who wrote your website handles your SEO content.

Industry-Specific Experience

Our copywriters have written THOUSANDS of webpages for contractors. From windows to kitchen remodeling to HVAC to metal roofing, our copywriters have written for every type of home-services company.

Knowledge Of Your Brand

Since your website copywriter handles your SEO content, they are already familiar with your company, your goals, and your Identity. This lets us to produce rich content that’s on target with your brand and relevant to your market.

Attack From All Angles

When we say “content,” we mean a diverse range of deliverables designed to keep readers engaged and Google happy: blog posts, geo-targeted pages, case studies, videos, etc. All on- and off-page optimized for maximum search-engine mojo.