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“Everything-Including-The-Kitchen-Sink” SEO For Contractors
Who FINALLY Want To Hit Page One, Result One.

What Is Level 10 SEO?

You can rate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for contractors on essentially 1 to 10 levels.

Level 1 is zero website optimization. At this level, all the major search engines have no idea you even exist. You’re as good as the invisible man. About 30% of contractor websites are at Level 1 SEO.

Level 5 involves maybe a few barebones blog posts a month. Perhaps a little bit of on-page keyword optimization. But nothing that will get you anywhere close to sniffing page one. Level 5 SEO is where around 50% of contractor websites are.

At Level 7, you start seeing some good results—you even have a few keywords on page one. That’s because you’ve got solid regular blog content, decent on-page keyword optimization, and maybe even some backend coding. The results are respectable… but you aren’t doing enough to hit the $10MM mark at this level. Level 7 SEO comprises about 15% of contractor websites.

Then there is Level 10 SEO. This involves doing EVERYTHING the ever-changing landscape of SEO requires—consistently, without fail. It takes copious amounts of technical knowledge. Blackbelt backend-coding skills. Publication-worthy blog content. And downright ferocious commitment. Only 5% of contractor websites reach Level 10 SEO… and those are the sites raking in the high volume of organic-search leads a company needs to hit $10MM in sales a year.

Level 10 SEO is what we specialize in. We do EVERYTHING it takes to push our clients not just to page one, but RESULT ONE on the first page for the highest converting keywords.

Make no mistake—getting great SEO results is not an overnight process. But stick with us, and you WILL experience the internet lead flow you need to make the jump to $10MM.

Why Does SEO For Remodelers Cost $4,000 Per Month?

Many remodelers are surprised to hear the cost our Level 10 SEO for contractors is $3,400 to $4,800 a month. That sounds expensive, especially compared to SEO companies promising first page rankings for $1,000 or less per month.

So the question, of course, is WHY?

The short answer is—that’s how much it costs to do SEO the right way.

The longer answer: It has been an evolution. We started offering SEO services to contractors in 2013—at much lower prices, as little as $600 a month. Our objective then was to provide quality SEO at an affordable price to as many contractors as possible.

We quickly discovered that simply doesn’t work; cheap SEO is barely better than no SEO. As our prices went up—to $1,000, then $1,500, then $2,000—our quality and results improved and our clients were happier. But we found that in most cases, we still were not able to get our clients to consistently attain high first-page rankings across all relevant keywords.

So in 2018, we asked a different question. Instead of “How can we make SEO affordable to as many contractors as possible?” we instead asked “What would it take to WIN at SEO every single time, no matter what?”

The answer to that question became what we call Level 10 SEO.

“Level 10” simply means “doing everything the right way, regardless of cost.” We even decided to rebrand our company as we embraced that ideal, and wrote this “Level 10 Manifesto.” (link, see below)

In order to perform SEO at Level 10, we created a package that includes everything a company needs to consistently stay on top of the Google rankings. Nothing is left out—implementing this program WILL work. It includes:

  • Weeding The Garden: There are over 70 critical foundational SEO elements that must be audited every month, and fixed as necessary. Failing to do so allows “weeds to creep into the garden,” and if unchecked, they eventually take over and hurt your results. These items range from maintaining proper h1 tags to ensuring that all images are optimized, spammy backlinks are removed, and load speeds are lightning fast.  See all 70+ elements by clicking here.
  • Fresh, Relevant Content: The heart of any effective SEO program is consistently and frequently adding new content to your site—specifically blog posts, geo-targeted content, case studies, videos, and other kinds of social proof. Hiring random, inexpensive “blog writers” won’t work; the content must be written by expert copywriters who know both the industry and your company. We only use our experienced, in-house copywriters—the same ones who write your web copy in the first place. See examples and details by clicking here.
  • Pro-Active Reputation Management: We utilize reputation management software that gathers both 1st and 3rd party reviews from your customers, and posts them online in an SEO-friendly way… so that proper “5 Star” signals are sent to Google. We also monitor the internet for any negative information about your company, and create/post content to counteract its harmful effects. In the age of internet reputation, even one or two negative elements can destroy your online reputation—and sadly, your business. We will ensure that doesn’t happen. See more here.
  • Expert Oversight: Many companies simply put your SEO on “auto-pilot,” or worse, have inexpensive offshore “managers” monitoring your progress. We have bona fide SEO experts tracking, planning, and implementing every aspect of your SEO. Expert eyes are on your site constantly, looking for threats and opportunities, and coordinating the flawless execution of your SEO plan. Click Here For Details.

In short, we do whatever it takes—and everything it takes—to rank your site at the very top organic search results—and to keep it there.  We literally leave no stone unturned. As a result, we no longer offer SEO that is affordable for most remodeling companies; instead, we offer the most comprehensive and effective SEO solution for companies who understand the importance of ranking #1, and who are willing to pay for it to happen.

Level 10 Manifesto

Level 10 is all about doing things—everything—the right way, period.

It’s a mindset utilized by remodeling and home services companies who are market leaders—or who soon will be, who charge premium prices because they only offer the best products; the best installation; the best warranties; in short, the best EVERYTHING.

Level 10 companies never cut corners in any way, shape, or form. When they make mistakes, they bend over backward to make them better than right. The result is their customers become raving fans who willingly refer their friends and family and propel the company to higher and higher levels of profitability.

From a marketing perspective, Level 10 is also about doing things the right way—not the easy way, and certainly not the cheap way.

They allocate the budget to effectively dominate the competition… by not only flooding the airwaves and internet with more messages than anyone else, but also by communicating what they do, how they do it, and why they are better… with power, passion, and precision.

Their websites are ranked highest on Google searches, and effortlessly convert lookers into buyers.

They dominate online lead generation, and have the systems and personnel in place to close the sales.

Level 10 means being the customers’ advocate.

Level 10 means treating employees like family.

Level 10 means no compromises, ever.

Level 10 means winning fair and square…  by being the smartest, the most diligent, and the hardest working.

So, do you have what it takes to get to Level 10?

Why You Want Us Handling Your SEO

Nerd Coding

Our crack team of search-engine geeks eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. They know exactly what search engines like to see when crawling a website, and they’ll code your website according to the up-to-the-minute industry standards and best practices.

Premium Blog Content

Let’s face it—most blog content on the internet could cure Stage-4 insomnia. We create high-engagement blog posts for you every month from topics you personally approve. Our blog posts pack all the elements needed to get great results—on-page keyword optimization, content that’s targeted to YOUR specific market, and a mega-entertaining style that keeps readers’ eyeballs glued to the page.

In-Depth Monthly Review

SEO changes at lightning speed. That’s why we review your results with you every single month. Our exhaustive reporting leaves no stone unturned—you’ll always know exactly how your SEO is performing and what we’re doing to move you up in the rankings. Transparency is our calling card.

Monthly Video Posting

Search engines eat up videos like candy. So we fully script and produce engaging, high-quality videos for you every month. We then post them to your YouTube account and website to help maximize your rankings.

Business-Listing Optimization

Search engines favor companies that have consistent company information across these business-listing websites. We build, monitor, and control your listings across all major business-directory websites so you get preferential treatment from Google.

Plus 8,324 Other Things

SEO is a behemoth. If we were to list all the other components of our Level 10 SEO, you’d be here reading it for a LOOONNGGG time. Contact us if you’re interested in all the nitty-gritty details.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, we’re experts not just in internet marketing but CONTRACTOR internet marketing. We know how to craft content that satisfies both search engine requirements AND actual people looking to remodel. Only 1% of marketing companies can say the same.

Second, we’re all about transparency. We tell you exactly what we’re going to do. Then we do it. Then we report to you and show you the proof that we did it. This sounds simple, but dozens and dozens of contractors had told us one of the main reasons they can’t stand SEO companies is the lack of reporting, transparency, and accountability.

Lastly, we just plain have high-caliber talent on our SEO team. From content managers to content writers to social media experts to coders to videographers… we assembled the SEO equivalent of the 1992 Dream Team (you know—the one with Jordan, Bird, and Magic).

Forget what those “Rank #1 In 30 Days” internet scammers tell you—when you do SEO, you play the long game.

With Level 10 SEO, you should start to see ranking improvement within the first month. Within 6 to 12 months, you should be able to achieve first-page ranking for all important keywords. (It may take longer and require additional effort if you’re in a hyper-competitive service area.)

With quality SEO, that’s just the way things go. But trust us—the wait is absolutely worth it.

If you want to move to the top spot on Google RIGHT NOW, check out our No-Risk Pay Per Click services.

Definitely. People who find your company through organic search are some of the best leads on the market.

We write the blog content for all of our SEO clients. But if you’d like to create your own content, we can coordinate with you to make it happen.

Eternity. Unfortunately, SEO is not something you can quit once you get the results you want. As soon as you stop doing SEO, your rankings start to sink.

Think of SEO like exercising. You can’t just stop lifting weights once you’ve got Schwarzenegger-level biceps or a cheese grater for a stomach. You have to keep plugging away, or all that hard work will be wiped out. Fortunately, we handle all the hard work FOR you.