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I burned MYM to the ground; here’s what rose from the ashes

MYM is dead.

As in, dead dead.

As in, it now resides in that big marketing high-rise in the sky.

May it rest in peace.

What happened?

What needed to happen…

I killed it.

And trust me… it was a long time coming.

To explain why, let’s hop in the DeLorean, gun it to 88mph, and travel back to 2005.

Thanks to a foot in the door from then-stranger, now-friend Tim Musch of MarketSharp, I became heavily involved in the remodeling industry.

I found myself consulting with owners of small companies who were stuck in the sub-$5MM range.

These companies often struggled to get enough leads to make the jump to higher sales and profits. So when the recession went Scorched Earth on 2008, I witnessed a lot of them—even many of the larger ones—start to teeter and fall.

The 1st and 3rd largest Four Seasons Sunroom dealers were both my clients at the time. I watched in helpless shock as both of them shriveled up and went out of business.

These were guys who’d been in the game for DECADES. They’d built up a relatively large company and solid customer base.

And within 12 months, they were belly up.

There was nothing I—or any other marketing company, expert, or guru on the planet—could have done for them. They simply didn’t have the resources, budget, or—most importantly, MINDSET—to make it out alive.

Here’s what happened in 2011 that changed everything for me…

Mark Aitken, owner of Horizon Services, hired me to help his (not struggling) company make the jump from $44MM to $150MM. (Which we did within 4 years.)

Mark was unlike any owner I’d worked with to that point. I’d never seen a guy so confident that he would reach his goals—and quickly, too.

Mark never did ANYTHING half-heartedly. Especially when it came to his business. Whatever it took—and however much MONEY it took—was Mark’s mantra.

As a result, Mark built a recession-proof company that could grow exponentially and withstand any challenge.

Shortly after I began working with Mark, I started working with owners of several other companies who were cut from the same cloth.

This includes…

  • Brian Elias of Hanson’s ($80MM a year)
  • John Bartrom of Jericho Home Improvements ($15MM a year)
  • Leland Smith of Service Champions Heating and Air Conditioning ($50MM a year)

To name a few.

Their personalities were different, but they all shared a single attribute—something I call the $10MM Mindset.

Without the $10MM Mindset, nothing else matters.

There is zero chance of making it to the next level. Owners without it are doomed to mediocrity and subject to the ebbs and flows of external factors such as seasonality, weather, and the economy.

The $10MM Mindset is a “do whatever it takes, however much money it takes, however much commitment it takes” attitude toward growth.

Companies with this mindset are never satisfied with sales. They’re ALWAYS looking to get bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

This is the type of company Level 10 Contractor is for.

What Level 10 Contractor is (and is not)…

Level 10 Contractor (L10C) is about helping $10MM Mindset contractors achieve radical growth through pull-no-punches marketing across multiple platforms.

This involves…

  • Cutting-edge, Identity-rich websites that move your market to take action.
  • Powerhouse Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click, so your website is the first result for ALL the highest-performing and converting keywords.
  • Heavy TV and radio presence, so you become a local celebrity in your service area and have your market automatically think of YOU when they need hear the word “contractor.”

Because here’s the thing: marketing is like a jigsaw puzzle—you have to have EVERY piece to complete the picture.

  • A great website is useless when no one can find it—if you’re buried on page 10 of Google, no amount of Identity can save your website-lead generation.
  • Awesome search-engine rankings are wasted if your website is a platitude-filled mess that makes people click away.
  • TV and radio won’t do you any good if you don’t have a great website—over 90% of consumers visit a local business’s website before deciding to contact them.

The ($10) Million-Dollar Question: How’s L10C Different From MYM?

It’s simple. We will no longer, under any circumstances, take on clients without the $10MM Mindset. Period.

Go back and read that list of clients I mentioned earlier:

  • Service Champions ($50MM)
  • Horizon Services ($150MM)
  • Hanson’s ($80MM)
  • Jericho ($15MM)

What do they all have in common?

Spectacular websites. Excellent SEO and Pay Per Click. Strong radio and television presence. And, most importantly, $10MM Mindset.

If you want to be part of this elite group, you have to think like this elite group. And then you have to pick the experts to help you get to their level of marketing.

That’s Level 10 Contractor.

To recap:

  • L10C is for companies willing to do EVERYTHING it takes to make the jump to the $10MM mark (and beyond) in the next few years.
  • L10C is for companies already doing $10MM or more a year and want to double, triple, and quadruple sales in the coming years. (This may require going outside your comfort zone! I’ll get to that in my next article.)
  • L10C is ALSO for companies currently doing LESS than $10MM, and who want to make the jump… but they must already possess the “$10MM Mindset” and be ready to do whatever it takes to get there.
  • L10C is not for companies who even remotely hesitate at the time, effort, and money it takes to grow to $10MM+.

If you have the $10MM Mindset, visit the Level 10 Contractor website and contact us now. Let’s talk!


P.S. I recently wrote a book that reveals the exact steps for contractors to get to $10MM and more in sales a year.

It’s called Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow: A Blueprint For Remodeling & Home Services Contractors To Make The Jump To $10MM+. You can get it on Amazon in paperback or for your Kindle. (Shameless Plug Alert!)

This book is your roadmap to building year-over-year growth and acts as a great primer for the Level 10 Contractor philosophy. Get it now… and start your journey to $10MM+.

P.P.S. We’ll slowly be moving the MYM email list to the L10C email list. You’ll still receive emails from me, but my they will come from or You may want to whitelist those domains in your email client to ensure you continue to get emails from me. Thanks!