Make The Jump
To $10M+

Live Online Training Course With Rich Harshaw

Level 10 Contractor Webinar


Every Thursday Morning at 11 am Eastern for SIX WEEKS, beginning October 12th

Each class is 75 minutes




Join Level 10 CEO Rich Harshaw as he walks a select group of remodeling contractors through the process of creating a marketing program that will help them make the jump to $10M+.

Only 20 companies will be allowed in the training, and each participant MUST agree to provide written and video testimonials of the course as a condition of enrollment (assuming you like it!).

Trainings will be conducted via Zoom and will be workshop style—you will roll up your sleeves and work on your business. All sessions will be recorded for future viewing.

Q&A will be available; you are encouraged to participate.



Course Outline

Week 1 (October 12) - Marketing Mindset & Identity Overview

Week 2 (October 19) - 5 Pillars of Identity & Trust Pyramid Workshop (Identifying & Ranking Identity Points & Stories, Examples, Comparisons)

Week 3 (October 26) - Identity-Based Blog Workshop (turning identity into stories, ads, content)

Week 4 (November 2) - Websites & SEO Overview (Each company follows their audit as I review elements)

Week 5 (November 9) - Tactical Marketing: Hunting vs. Farming; What a comprehensive marketing plan looks like; Lead Gen (Direct Response)

Week 6 (November 16) - Branding: Radio, TV, Facebook, Etc.



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