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Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow

A Blueprint For Remodeling & Home Services Contractors
To Make The Jump To $10MM+

A Message From Rich Harshaw:
Why I Wrote This Book

Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow provides the step-by-step marketing direction you need to get your remodeling business to $10MM+. That’s pretty obvious from the title of the book, right?

But here’s what’s not so obvious… Making the jump to $10MM isn’t just about upping your marketing game. It isn’t just about ranking well on Google. It isn’t just about having a beautiful website.

You can do and have all of those things… and STILL fail.


Because there is one key ingredient that ties everything together. One element that determines whether you hit that coveted 8-figure mark… or continue to get stuck at a couple million a year in sales.

It’s something that 95% of those who own a remodeling company do not have… and NEVER will have. And it’s why their sales figures stay frozen year after year.

Yes, this book provides you with exact marketing tactics you need to get your sales unstuck—and make the jump to $10MM+. But, more importantly, it reveals and teaches you that one single thing EVERY mega-successful remodeling business has: the $10MM Mindset.

Teaching you this mindset is the real reason I wrote this book.

What Is The $10MM Mindset?

The $10MM Mindset is what separates the $10MM+ companies from the $2MM-$5MM companies. Without the $10MM mindset, you have zero chance of making it to the next level.

Owners who lack the mindset are doomed to stagnant sales. They’re at the mercy of the ebbs and flows of external factors like seasonality, weather, and the economy. They’re one recession away from having to take drastic measures (firing employees, cutting benefits, reducing their budget) to keep their business afloat.

But companies with an owner who has the $10MM Mindset are invincible to outside circumstances. They’re weather-proof. Season-proof. Recession-proof.

Most importantly, they continue to grow sales year after year after year. And it’s because they’re led by an owner who has done ALL of the right things to ensure unbridled success.

The $10MM Mindset is NOT some New Age marketing fluff. It is NOT some gimmick a marketing “guru” came up to make a quick buck and gain a little internet fame.

The $10MM Mindset is real. I’ve worked with dozens of owners who have it. They’re the ones doing $10MM, $30MM, and even $100MM in sales every year—without fail. And they’re increasing those numbers every year—without fail.

Unlocking Unlimited Lead Flow teaches you the $10MM Mindset… all while providing the exact marketing blueprint the $10MM+ companies use to consistently stoke their growth engines.

My question is this: Are you ready to join them?

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