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Brian Elias

“Rich Harshaw isn’t a ‘get one idea from his book’ kind of guy. He’s more like a ‘listen to everything that comes out of his mouth and take detailed notes or you’ll be sorry’ kind of guy.”
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Mark Aitken

“Rich bought all of our TV and radio advertising and wrote all the ads we ran for a six year period of time… from the time we were doing about $40MM in sales until we passed $150MM in sales and sold the company. Without a doubt, he was a major factor in our success.”
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Leland Smith

“Before we hired Level 10 Contractor, our advertising messages lacked focus and power. Now we have a brand that is instantly recognizable; people know exactly who we are and why we’re different and better, and they go out of their way to choose us instead of our competitors. We never did any of that before;[...]
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John Bartrom

“I fired one of the biggest ad agencies in Kansas City and hired Rich Harshaw because he understands contractors. It has been a great partnership and one of the major keys of our success.”
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