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Bill & Teresa Christie

“We came to Rich’s ‘Make the Jump’ seminar three years ago and it immediately changed the way we approach our business. We raised our prices, overhauled our website, and started doing SEO the right way. Now we are getting started on TV; we plan on being a $10MM company in 3 to 5 years.”
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Brandon & Kristine Erdman

“We have been looking for a company with all the expertise under one roof to help us get to the next level. We love our website and the ‘Level 10’ SEO. We are now in our third year of being on TV and we are growing just like we had hoped. We are well on[...]
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Leland Smith

“Since Rich Harshaw started handling our advertising, we’ve actually had to shut it down many times because we couldn’t handle all the calls. We’ve broken monthly sales records several times, including $5.1MM last July.”
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Brian Elias

“I’ve paid Rich over $15,000 for one day of his time to get his input on various aspects of our marketing. And that was after paying him six figures to help us integrate our identity into our website and our advertising. When I have questions about marketing, he’s my go-to guy.”
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John Bartrom

Rich and his team have engineered and orchestrated our entire marketing program. They wrote and built our identity-based website; they handle our SEO, PPC, and online advertising; they handle all of our media buying and write and produce all of the radio and TV ads. They handle our print advertising and helped us increase our[...]
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Mark Aitken

“Rich bought all of our TV and radio advertising and wrote all the ads we ran for a six year period of time… from the time we were doing about $40MM in sales until we passed $150MM in sales and sold the company. Without a doubt, he was a major factor in our success.”
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