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Client Success: She Tripled Her Home Show Results

Kathi Fleck Is A Master Designer & Remodeler…
But She Needed MYM’s Help To Give Her Home Show A Makeover.

You know the old story about the “cobbler’s children have holes in their shoes” and “the barber’s kids desperately need haircuts”? That’s kind of how I felt when I met Kathi Fleck, owner of LoneStar Property Solutions, and looked at her contractor marketing—and her home show materials, in particular.

I quickly recognized that Kathi was no ordinary remodeler. Her background and passion was design… and she had an uncanny ability to reach into people’s’ brains, grab a clear picture of what they were hoping to achieve, then deliver exactly what they wanted. Clients were always thrilled with the final results, and would often say things like “It’s exactly like I imagined it would be—except it’s BETTER!”

So as I worked through the Identity creation process, the challenge was—as usual—to find an interesting, engaging, and compelling way to communicate her unique abilities. Here’s what we came up with for headlines:

Most Remodelers Are Order Takers.
They Say “Tell Me What You Want And I’ll Make It Happen.”

I’ll Guide You Through An Exhilarating Brainstorming Session
Where I’ll Pick Your Brain, Throw Out Tons Of Ideas,
Show You Dozens Of Materials, And Help You Discover What You Really Want.

Beautiful. See it for yourself by clicking here! (Note: site content written by Monopolize Your Marketplace; site built by LoneStar)

Then we overhauled her tri-fold brochure to include the same identity-based message. Then her business cards. Then her advertising.

Then it was time for the first of her two annual home shows in Fort Worth, so I asked her to send me a picture of her booth so I could get a feel for what she’d been doing. Remember the cobbler’s children’s’ shoes? Yikes! Take a look for yourself—a dark, drab, dreary, non-inviting, dungeon-esque home show booth if I’ve ever seen one!

Talk about a disconnect! Here is the woman with perhaps the best eye for design in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, and she’s designed her home show booth to look like a 3rd grade science fair project.

Let’s fix this (final result below):

Step 1 – Colors: For heaven’s sake, let’s take her company colors and create something that’s bright, airy, colorful, and that is consistent with her brand and image she’s trying to build. It’s amazing what you can do with orange and purple.

Step 2 – Identity: Integrate the identity! The headline from the website sums up why she’s different and better, and the reaction that clients have to her work. So let’s use that as a starting point!

Step 3 – Backdrops & Banners: Create a main backdrop and pop-up banners: The main backdrop should communicate the identity, and the pop-ups should be a derivative of it. Notice how we used opposite colors for each banner, and how the messages compliment that main backdrop nicely.

Step 4 – Supporting Materials: Kathi also used MYM’s “Remodeling Giveaway” system, which includes pop-up banners, oversized $10,000 bills, scripting, sign-up forms, and follow-up materials.

The Results: Kathi reported that she would normally expect to get about 15 to 20 good leads at a typical home show, then have to battle through the usual process of trying to convince people that she was different and better and worth her price.

In her first show after the overhaul, her lead count shot up to 60, then in August (generally lower attendance), she netted 50 good home improvement leads. All told, her results TRIPLED.

But what’s even more impressive is her prospects’ attitude about her company. Many of them never even bothered to investigate her competitors because they already knew—based on her identity—that they wanted to use LoneStar. Almost every prospect commented that they “kind of knew what they wanted, but needed some help getting it out of their brain.” By simply pointing out that her company, in fact, specializes in just that, she won. Big time.

A few comments from Kathi:

“Before, most people walked right by and didn’t want to stop and talk…we felt like we had to either be pushy, or let them walk right on by…”

“Now our Identity sets the pace for everything we do now–EVERYTHING; it’s the reason clients choose us over our competitors.”

Are you involved in home shows and/or events? Then don’t wait another second—get on board with Monopolize Your Marketplace, so we can help you create an identity and integrate it into your home show materials. We can also help you with the scripting, pre-show mailings, follow-up materials, and more. All of these things working together will increase your results and MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!

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