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Don’t Pay Yelp and Your Online Reviews Will Sleep With the Fishes

“To me, it’s mafia. To me it’s a racket. To me, it’s extortion. To you guys, it’s Yelp.” This quote comes from an Italian restaurant owner in an upcoming documentary called Billion Dollar Bully. The documentary is about Yelp’s shady business practices by manipulating and removing reviews for businesses that don’t advertise with them. Level[...]
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Should I Star In My Own Ads?

Your Business Will Grow And You Just Might Become Famous. Which Might Not Be As Fun As You Think. Thinking about starring in your own ads? It might mean a boost in business—but get ready to be recognized everywhere you go… including the toilet paper aisle at Costco. Kip Lee’s business was rolling along just[...]
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Genius Marketing Advice From A Middle-Of-Nowhere Drugstore

The Most Staggering Marketing Statistic I’ve Ever Seen…. The most inspiring marketing campaign I’ve ever seen came out of nowhere… in the middle of nowhere. Keep reading because this idea can (and WILL!) produce results in any contractor’s marketing. This story dates back to 2005, although none of the critical facts have changed one iota since[...]
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Want To Know The Best Way To Manage Your Company?

Would You Believe That It’s Love, Kindness, And Affection? “I’m going to have to start working Saturdays to pay for this.” That’s what the 40-year old, blonde-haired air conditioning technician said to over 150 people as he pointed to a picture of a beautiful blue Corvette—used, but in great shape—that was projected onto the giant[...]
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